OctoCam Mount - Webcam Mount for OctoPrint

We've created a simple and sturdy webcam mount for use with Octoprint. 


We've got a bunch of printers set up with Octoprint and Spaghetti Detective and needed a simple way to mount a camera.  The multi-joint, printable options were OK, but often out of adjustment.  

This makes use of a lightweight aluminum extrusion that we had in stock along with two simple joints for adjustment.

The base has slots to adjust the horizontal angle and the joints provide options for distance and vertical angles. 

The mount is set up for zip-tie, velcro or 1/4-20 bolt.  

It's all printable without support. 

We're offering a kit with all the parts, so that you can get your camera set up quickly.  Product Page Link or add to cart below